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People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see it as a personal practice which affects everyone differently. Read how my yoga practice has affected clients through their testimonials.

Tara Yazigi

It’s difficult to put into words what a special and unique person Mumtaz is and the effect she has on you when you are in her presence. She has made a massive impact on my life in such a short time and converted me from someone who had no time for yoga into someone who’s favourite time of the week is now getting on the mat with her. Her approach to yoga is fresh, original and captivates you from your very first session with her, using modern music that you wouldn’t usually associate with yoga making it accessible to the now. Her routines are fun, vibrant and challenging and make you totally present and focused, motivating you to give it your all. She is able to personalise sessions which have meant for me she has tapped into my strengths and needs and with her support, I have made great progress with my practice as well as falling in love with yoga. Mumtaz is not just about the physical though, she is wise beyond her years giving words of positivity and encouragement that have given me hope and strength when I have been through a very difficult time. Being around her makes me feel better in every way....mentally, emotionally and physically. I don’t think you could ask much more than that from your yoga teacher. Her ability to respond to someone and meet their needs in such a holistic way is priceless. Mumtaz has changed my outlook and attitude to life and encourages me to see the positives where before I only saw negatives. She gives me strength and I assure you she will be one of the best people you meet! I can’t recommend Mumtaz enough

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Robbie Splaine

I was lucky to find Mumtaz yoga when I moved to Nottingham in 2016

 Mumtaz yoga helped me to stay injury free and compete to the best of my ability in the London Triathlon (2018), Nottingham Half Marathon (2018), Dublin Ironman 70.3 (2019) and many other races.

Mumtaz power yoga is a unique yoga class where you are encouraged to improve your fitness but importantly at your own pace.


I've always felt like I've got the most out of the benefits of yoga from doing yoga with Mumtaz, whether that be feeling stretched, feeling zen and feeling refreshed.

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Alice lockhart

I started practising yoga with Mumtaz in September when I wasn’t mentally at my best.  A friend introduced me to the At.1 Studio and when I arrived, I instantly felt welcomed and as if I had known these individuals for a long time. Mumtaz’s warm welcome was all I needed to set out my mat and take a step out of my daily life.  Her sessions have made me laugh, cry and ultimately work hard. The classes are made up of people from all walks of life and there is no pressure to be perfect, only show up and listen to your body.  She is more than a yoga teacher. She is a friend and guide who shows up for her students every time.  She is inspiring, promoting diversity within the yoga community by speaking freely about her personal journey, struggles and goals, as well as offering a ‘twist’ on what you expect when you mention ‘Yoga’. Her POWER sessions have made me feel stronger, Tuesday STILL sessions allow the opportunity to work deeper into moves and improve flexibility and NIDRA offers the chance for calm meditation. No matter how you feel when you turn up (both in person or online), her smile and support will leave you feeling so much better when you leave.

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Jess Clarke

Without a limit, Mumtaz is an exceptional, authentic, leading yoga teacher that dedicates her life to gifting others with the tools and techniques to look after themselves. Mumtaz has worked with me from the beginning to build up my skills and toolkit to approach yoga wholesomely. It has made a dramatic difference to my outlook on life as well as my productivity, it's amazing what you can achieve when you take some time out for yourself. Thank you, Mumtaz

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Caroline Clark

Mumtaz leads our office-based yoga classes, she is a good teacher and ensures everyone gets what they need from the sessions, which isn't always easy with such a mixed-ability group. All are welcome and it is a very inclusive environment, with steps given for all levels, from newbies with no yoga experience to those who have been doing it for years. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and this flows through her teaching. I would definitely recommend her classes.

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Catherine Heather

Mumtaz holds a weekly lunchtime yoga class at my workplace for a mixed ability group - she is an amazing and incredibly skilled teacher who encourages all attendees to work at their own pace while building upon their individual skills. The session offers us a welcome chance to step away from our busy workdays and reset the balance. Mumtaz - your dedication and serenity are an inspiration!

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Helen Taylor

I could spend a considerable amount of time describing Mumtaz's approach to teaching Yoga and why it has had such a positive impact on me here. To be succinct though, Mumtaz teaches from the heart. She encourages all of her students to practice in a way that meets our needs and without comparison to others. Mumtaz provides a safe space for her students where we can develop our own techniques to navigate the stresses of modern life through the practice of Yoga and with her guidance. We genuinely feel that we are all learning together.

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Aneela Asim

I had severe sciatica pain as a result of a lipoma in my lower back, movement for me was very restricted and painful. This then leads me to walk and move differently to compensate for the pain. My upper back and knee were also affected by unbearable pain. Mumtaz has given me three personal 1-2-1 sessions as well as advice and guidance. In these three days, I have experienced exceptional results. I have no pain and feel better in my self. Mumtaz is not just a Yoga teacher but someone with that added personal touch. I would say Mumtaz has hands that heal that is how great I feel in just 3 days. I would recommend anyone to try her sessions to see results, for corporate organisations I would suggest that if you have staff that suffer from back or joint issues due to sitting at the desk for long hours, please contact Mumtaz I am sure there are some corporate deals she could do for you.

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Evadne Fisher

Mumtaz is a remarkable teacher as she has immense empathy with her students and tailors every session to their needs as well as to an agreed goal. She is very knowledgeable. Her website is informative and very user friendly as an excellent introduction to the lady herself. I always feel energised and positive after her class.  ​

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Joanne Maltby

I am fortunate enough to attend a weekly yoga class run by Mumtaz. She is an absolutely first-class teacher with a really comprehensive understanding of yoga which she effortlessly brings into each session. I love the themes which really enhance the class and her consistent attentiveness and dedication to the discipline ensure that I always feel an improvement in mind, body and spirit. I have some on-going physical problems and Mumtaz really understands and works with my restrictions at the same time ensuring we do positions which actually benefit the issues I have. Mumtaz is clearly passionate about yoga and this is very infectious, I have re-discovered my love of yoga and can’t thank her enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a class or one to one session.

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